Dominion Flor De Claro Robusto
Dominion Flor De Claro Robusto

Dominion Flor De Claro Robusto

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In the year 1887, the Canadian cigar brand Flor De Claro was born. Produced by a cigar manufacture based out of Montreal Canada, the Flor De Claro is known to be one of Canada’s first national cigar brands, and was rolled here in Canada with imported tobacco from Cuba. Over 100 years since the Flor De Claro’s original launch, Dominion Cigar Canada has brought back this legendary Canadian cigar brand, and is celebrating the part Flor De Claro played, in the early growth of Canada’s rich tobacco industry.

Dominion Cigar owner Steve Ricker, wanted to come up with a blend that would best exemplify this classic cigar brand. Ricker was also very fortunate to have the opportunity to licence the original box art from the McCord Museum in Montreal.

Produced in Nicaragua at Placensia cigar, the Flor De Claro blend is made up of rich tobaccos from different regions of Nicaragua, such as Jalapa, Condega and Esteli. The wrapper is grown from Connecticut seed, but in Honduras, yes Honduras, and is one of the only cigar brands using this smaller batch wrapper in the market to date. The outcome is a very well balanced medium bodied cigar, with slight hints of spice,cedar and notes of honey on the palette. The Flor De Claro is available now in most fine Canadian tobacconists.


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