Humidor Accessories

Humidor Accessories

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      Precisely control humidity for your airtight humidor to protect the essential oils and sugars of premium cigars. You can keep cigars fresh without the mess of using sponges, gels or beads. 69% RH is for:
      • Wood humidors with a tight seal, acrylic humidors, tupperdors, coolerdors as well as plastic travel humidors and cigar cases
      • Refilling Boveda Humidor Bags
      • Storing most premium cigars
      • Up to 1 lb of English, flakes and other non-flavored pipe tobacco
      A Single Size 60 is for:
      • Up to a 25-count humidor (For larger humidors, use one Size 60 for every 25 cigars your humidor can hold.)

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